Our Story

Red Folder keeps your online and offline accounts and instructions in an orderly manner for your use today and tomorrow. In the event you are unavailable, your designee can engage on your behalf and with your requested action in hand. A physical Red Folder was actually used by our founder with his family when he would travel. In using the Red Folder, he ensured his family had everything they needed in the event of an emergency while he was away or should he not return.

We keep your accounts straight.

Our daily lives in a very technologically dependent society include a digital asset component. We shop, bank, and pay utilities online and in return receive electronic-only statements. All countries are moving their citizens away from paper and in-person engagement to a virtual and self-service engagement. Our lives are made up of an ever growing list of digital assets coupled with our physical world, estate, house, vehicles, insurance, etc. And the reality is we all need a memory jog or an assist from another from time to time, and thus the importance of a Red Folder is evident.


The Red Folder symbolizes importance.

The Red Folder includes all necessary information for your designee to act on your behalf in an emergency:  life insurance, bank accounts, real estate, social network accounts, subscriptions, online domains, vendor accounts, credit cards and auto-debits, lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, home alarm systems, etc. identified.

Secure Account Inventory + Direction.

Some will use spreadsheets, other notebooks, to keep your accounts in order and up to date. But what if you aren’t available or able to access your online content, or notebook? With Red Folder you have the ability to create a designated trustee, designee, who can access your account  on your behalf. They have access to your very specific requests associated with each of the hundreds of accounts and documents we use in our lives. And therein lies the birth of the Red Folder.

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Red Folder is personal.

I’m Christopher Burgess, co-founder of the Red Folder application.  My wife Kathy and I created the Red Folder as an integral part of our family’s security and continuity planning. You see, during my time with the CIA I had to travel near and far, often times with minimal advance notice. Without advance notice, it was difficult to create, anew, lists of accounts and access protocols for my family in the event something came up during my absence or if something happened to me.  

What we did was create a Red Folder for use by my wife. We’d organize the content by category – banking (accounts, balances, safety deposit boxes, credit cards, point of contact); insurance (policies, amount, terms, point of contact); investments (accounts, balances, point of contact); online real estate (domains, blogs, social network accounts, etc.) and vendors (the accounts with automatic debit from credit cards or banking, identified, point of contact).

Our family had shared responsibilities and this ensured all of our family information was available, in the Red Folder. In an emergency, be it an evacuation due to a natural disaster, or a personal situation, it is much easier to have the information consolidated and available.

How did we create the original hard copy Red Folder? For the online accounts, I would assign each account a number and put it in a notebook, then in a separate notebook, I would write the corresponding number and the login password or pass phrase – a manual password corral.  

“Regardless of circumstance, my spouse had her Red Folder which she could reach for during a time of  necessity.”

But I didn’t stop there; I went an additional step. I included instructions for each account, blog, domain, etc., in the event action had to be taken and I was unavailable – perhaps on a long-term trip or temporary duty assignment, physically incapacitated, or heaven forbid, passed away unexpectedly.

Regardless of circumstance, my spouse had her Red Folder which she could reach for during a time of stress and necessity.  She would have what she needed to deal with at her fingertips, for both our physical items (estate, banking, etc), as well as, our online footprint and the significant number of accounts which one accumulates over the span of an online presence of more than 40 years.

I know when you use Red Folder you will have addressed preparedness for today and peace of mind for tomorrow. Because, today I’m ok, but tomorrow?  I want to be prepared.

All the very best to you,

Christopher Burgess